Welcome to the campaign home page for Coriolis, a campaign of Firefly meets Arabian Nights.  The campaign will begin with the characters press ganged into the crew of a pirate ship, but before long they can expect to have the opportunity to get a ship of their own. From there, the campaign will be very sandboxy. There's been a request that the player group not become corsairs themselves, but to keep with the Firefly reference, riding the line between free traders and smugglers seemed to be a popular concept.

The setting of the campaign is The Third Horizon

The Third Horizon is a series of interlinked star systems far away from Al-Ardha, or Earth as we call it. Each system contains portals leading to the other systems in the Horizon. During the recent Portal Wars, all portals leading back to the First and Second Horizon were destroyed, plunging the Third Horizon into isolation and decay.

Years later, the long-lost arkship Zenith arrived from to the First Horizon. The colonists scavenged their ship, rebuilding it into the great space station Coriolis and declared a new era in the Third Horizon – a time for trade, reawakening and peace. They invited the older factions of the Third Horizon to join a council to address grievances between the people of the Horizon.

All would be well if not for the faceless Emissaries, arriving from the depth of the gas giant Xene. Spectres from another world, Icons or Portal Builders – what are they? They claimed godhood as Icons, and once again the Third Horizon is torn between the newcomers and the powers of old.