The Yara Under Old Management
A Slight Disagreement of Ownership

Aaid and Goto worked on “Rot Gut” to try and begin a celebration of past victories.  The goal to is to include as much drinking as possible and inebriate as many Marara crew as possible.  Aaid manages to convince other crew members to join them in the celebration, and drink “Rot Gut”s brew.  They were surprisingly hesitant.  During the conversation with the crew they related to “Rot Gut”, and incidentally Aaid and Goto, where the Marara crew are currently stationed.  They were then taken to engineering.  Once there Goto noticed that it is very likely the Marara are using the Yara’s parts to fix up their engine.

Only one of the engineers agreed to attend the party.  The other, Lamia, stated that the Yara is beyond salvage, and that there was a destroyer in system and they needed to get the Marara upgraded as quickly as possible.  Goto managed to convince Lamia that she would be of service in the work.  Aaid and “Rot Gut” continue on to gather the rest of the crew, except those on the bridge.

Lamia does her best to try and convert Goto.  It’s possible she succeeded a bit, but so far Goto has opted to stay wary.  

Aaid continues on his tour with “Rot Gut” as they make their way to the cargo hold.  There they attempt to convince Master Scourge to join their celebration.  At the direction of Master Scourge, Aaid and “Rot Gut” are to head back to the Yara, to get some better drinks, bring them back to the Marara and have their party in the cargo hold.  

At the excavation site, Afendi does his best to try and speed the process up.  Obviously his yelling does nothing to increase the progress of Ravonis, Miraj, and Helima.  Doing their best to maintain appearances no “shenanigans” are attempted.  But after some time the guards watching them start to slack off.  Ravonis was able to convince the guards to search the cabin of the excavator and then assist with mapping out the dig site.

In the med bay, thanks to some gently provided incentives from Tomma, and targeted questions from Sinovar, we learned the following:

    -27 crew of the Marara

    -Marara is armed with auto-cannon, rail gun, and torpedos.

    -The rest of the Marara crew are going through the Yara.

    -We told them all about our founder’s dig, that’s how they knew (looking at you Goto).

    -The Marara operates out of the Coupier(sp) belt, that’s where their base is at the Scar on the Dark.

    -Master Patch knows the “all clear”.  

    -Possibly at least a half dozen crews operating out of The Scar.

    -[] is the most powerful ship in their a armada.

    -5/6 left on the ship looting.

    -We have 30-60 minutes until they have to check in.

With information in hand, a Tomma and Sinovar opt to wake up Shaheeda and try to take the Yara back.  

Shaheeda and Tomma begin to move to clear the ship of interlopers.  They activate the fire alarm.  Two of the Marara crew jump onto the loader, while a third starts to drive it out of the cargo hold.  Shaheeda and Tomma quickly respond and attack.  Shaheeda started the cargo bay door closing, while Tomma attacked those on the cargo loader.

While the fight raged in the cargo bay, Sinovar attempted to blind the Marara to the Yara’s planned distress signal.  Just as the cargo bay door was raising Aaid and “Rot Gut” step onto the Yara.  Aaid pushed “Rot Gut” off of the ship.  Shaheeda finished the final remaining Marara crew.  With the Yara under our control again, we allowed “Rot Gut” Kareem back onto the ship while Shaheeda takes the newly wounded Tomma back to the med-bay.  

Sinovar manages to connect with everyone except Livea.  

Kareem was polite enough to provide us with a complete rundown of the Marara crew.  With his help we opt to try and convince the good crew of the Marara to join us.

Ravonis convinced Afendi to allow him to lead them in prayer, during the prayer Miraj killed the Marara crew with the excavator.  Something inside him enjoyed it, something inside him, smiled.  He was able to delete the excavator cabin camera footage.  

Fighters are dispatched to deal with the Marara.  There is a brief exchange, one of the fighters is destroyed and the Marara leaves atmosphere having taken damage.  

Info about the Draconite base is provided to the Legion destroyer.  

All of the crew that we rescued is given a choice to join us, or just go home.  “Rot Gut” wants to go home along with 3 of the other 4.  Samsi opted to join our outfit and help.  Sinovar and Goto manage to set up everyone with new fake IDs so they could start over.  The prisoners, the Medical officer missing a lower leg, and Helakamir are handed over to the authorities.  Helakamir specifically got handed over to Spec Ops.  We also notified the authorities that they will need to evacuate people around the area as this site could become explosive soon.  

After a few more hours of continued digging, we clear a path to the airlock of the buried ship.

The Marara makes a play
They ARE Pirates...

We make it to the Marmoud space port, where Wahid is transferred.  On the trip there it is decided to make some detailed scans of the area.  

The plan is to dig a 10 × 10 × 10 meter cube.  A little further out Rahad is going to dig down 10 meters and poor concrete to shore up the sides to prevent collapse.  

Livia reviewed the data gathered from the scan:

    - Almost 0 chance there are any artifacts around the ship

    - The ship systems are on, but it appears that something is very wrong with the ship.  So wrong that it appears we have a timer.  

    - There are both life signs and movement on the ship.

    - We have maybe less than a week.

    - We correctly assumed the location of the bridge, so we need to get to the bridge and get the data out.  

    - The ship’s radiation shielding is in place.

    - We will have to land the ship far enough away from the dig site because of radiation, and then drive the excavator in.

After much deliberation amongst the crew a plan was settled upon.  The process would take a little time, so none was wasted.  The crew quickly set about their tasks and started getting the site ready.  We opted to park the Yara at a base camp a safe distance from the spire/dig site and simply shuttle people and needs back and forth.  Unfortunately, that’s where everything broke…

While attending the start of the dig the crew of the Yara were ambushed by cloaked corsairs, the Marara was making her move.  With pirates surrounding us Shaheeda opened fire, a quick response from the Marara’s crew dropped her to the ground, a bloody mess.  Tomma returned the favor by dropping the apparent leader of the Marara ground crew’s lower leg from the rest of their body.  The Corsairs didn’t react kindly, and Tomma fell too.  Much of the remaining Yara crew hide wisely, unfortunately they unwisely hid in the same place.  Needless to say, they were quickly discovered.  

The Marara crew declared us “Servents of the Right Hand” and demanded to speak with the captain of the Yara.  Sinovar quickly took on this mantle keeping Ravonis, the captain, safe.  His wisdom was unfortunately met with brutality and he was severely wounded.  The rest of the Yara crew were parceled duties.  

Miraj was kept with the excavator to continue digging.  He is being kept under tight watch by the Corsairs.

Goto and Aaid were taken to the Marara’s galley to help the cooks.  There they met an old acquaintance Rot Gut Karam.

Livea was taken to the Marara’s cargo to help catalogue plunder.  She was introduced to Master Scurge, a lumbering brute fond of his armor.  Her “coworker”, Cut Throat Gara, an ex-Legion soldier, set about their task, wearing nothing but their under garments.  

Ravonis and Halema are working with Miraj as a scientist to help with the excavation site.

Shaheeda, Sinovar, and Tomma were taken back to the now captured Yara for medical treatment.  While in the med bay Sinovar made a play and distracted the guard.  That was all Tomma needed.  With a quick strike Tomma grabbed the guard’s weapon, ushered her to her appointment with The Lady and aimed at the remaining Marara crew in the med-bay.  Since they were helping to save Shaheeda, Tomma sternly advised that they keep working.

Event Horizon of the Djinn
It's real. It's not real.

Pilot's log – 66114 – 1500 - I've finally a moment to record my thoughts. Two cycles ago, we removed the stasis on the three, frozen-shuttle passengers, and all The Darkness Between the Stars were loosed upon us. Scanners went crazy. Ship systems went erratic. Even my own console locked me out a few times. We all began seeing things, hearing things. Images came and went, some with form, some without. Crew turned upon crew and started gutting one another. It seems those people were possessed and have now possessed many of us, including our captain. We have been fighting, both ourselves and our own fears.

Pilot's log – 66115 – 0950 - It has been another cycle of hell. Kolb, our cargo master, is trapped in the middle section's ice station. Atallah has locked himself in engineering, shooting at any of us who gets close. He cut power to the Bridge and has set a course directly into the Sun, the paranoid bastard. I'm afraid we only have hours left before we die. Ayda hid somewhere in the duct work. Aaid and I are settled down in the hull, waiting, transmitting a distress call, but we have had no outside communication. The terror has been awful, and we can only pray to the Icons for help. Rescue seems beyond our fate.

Pilot's log – 66116 – 2015 - Post Rescue – Thank the Gambler and the Deckhand and the Nameless and whomever else of the Icons were listening, we were rescued. The crew from the Yara, another Nyala Corp ship, heard our distress call and came just in time. They landed their shuttle on our port airlock, just as Aaid and I were giving funeral rites to a fallen shipmate. Aaid insisted that I help him to help the souls of the afflicted pass onto the next world. I just wanted the taint gone. And then this other crew shows up. They helped us to get the body (and multiple bodies of scarabs) out the hull and toward the Sun. Cursed scarab showed up in my own suit as well! The exo suit will have to be cleaned of the taint before I will be fully comfortable in it again.

Aaid has been in contact with Kolb, who seemed fine but mentioned that he had no control of the cargo arms. We all decided to cut that part of the ship off and rescue him in space, since there was no safe way to get to him through the ship. The Yara's data master sent out an interrupt signal that wiped out all the power on board the Orun II.

Ayda is alive! She heard us all talking and came out of the ducts when it was safe. She knew how to get through them to get to engineering without alerting Atallah of our presence, so Aaid and Shaheeda, having switched weapons to stun guns, went with her into the duct work. Just after they left, we heard more scurrying, chittering sounds. More scarabs, little buggers??!! We all pulled weapons and faced back-to-back waiting for the enemy to show up. Their captain is something of a imam and began praying, lighting incense to take our prayers to the Icons. The smoke wafted outward and revealed one of the shuttle passengers, possessed, running towards us!

I screamed, I admit it. We've had to deal with this shit for three cycles now. I wanted to be done with it, so I shot at it with Aaid's automatic weapon. It made satisfying sounds exploding and the possessed danced lovely on impact, but it didn't stop it. Goto even hit it on the face mask, and damn, nothing. It then disappeared and reappeared right next to us. It touched me! I felt a burning frozenness in my chest, so painful. I flung my arm up to shoo it away. Frikyaa swung at it and it didn't even slow down then. I screamed in terror and shot more projectiles into it. With the last, its robes ripped and it fell, turning to air before it hit the ground, leaving behind the mask and dagger and robe. The captain decided to collect those specimens and throw them into the Sun.

In the meantime, Ayda had showed Aaid the way. He tried to sneak into engineering, but according to him, made too much noise getting down. Atallah turned and started firing at Shaheeda, who shouted to distract him, and then at Aaid. Eventually, Aaid and Shaheeda subdued Atallah, stunning him into unconsciousness and duct taping him soundly. They opened up engineering and we all, after a little searching for Goto, managed to escape through the starboard side airlock into the shuttle. We had to switch sides for docking as a foreign ship sent aggressive fire our way, so we moved for safety. A well placed message of "Danger, stay away!" encouraged them to leave. After that, the Yara crew rescued Kolb, who was very grateful. Ayda, too. Atallah … not so much.

We are on our way to Mellick to rest and recover. I'll check in with my bosses and see what they make of this and where I should go next. The Icons be praised.

The Adventure Thus Far
I’m not a pirate, YOU’RE a pirate...

We are heading to the Mellick System (to the planet of Mellick).

Investigating radiation spires.

    The radiation spires started up recently.  Upon further exploration it was found that the radiation is coming from a ship buried under the ground.  The ship is massive, and could be from the Founders.

We also received a communique from Emira (this happened to Jen) requesting that we investigate the Wound of Dabaran.  All other research teams that have been sent, none returned.  Portal Builder artifacts have been found there.  We are waiting to look into this.  We will look into the radiation spires in Mellick first.

Several cargo containers of synthetic animal feed.  This was found on a small ship found floating in space.  It seemed like a skiff from the Yara.  It was decided that the illegal cargo is best left to the next passerby.  

Alpheratz – A ship that came into the Kua system from the wrong portal and is moving towards us.  They requested the Captain (Ravonis).  Warning for the Marphik and the Caph system.  Heavy Pirate (Corsairs) activity at the Marphik portal, a pack of three ships working together, heavily armed, from the Caph system are attacking ships coming into Marphik.  


We arrived in the Caph system without incident after agreeing to “team up” with another ship (The Sadachbia) to split costs and provide mutual protection.  Came across a ship (The Marara) at the Caph gate.  

As we orbited around the sun on the other side a ship, The Menkalinan, was waiting.  A gunship requiring an illegal toll to pass through the gate to Mephik.  We paid the extortionists and proceeded to the Mephik system.  

We passed through the gate without incident.  Upon arriving in the Mephik system we found that the 3 corsairs were now on the run from the bulk hauler that was actually a pirate hunter.  This lead to a very easy trip through the Mephik system.  This was well received as the crew was still taxed from full shifts and hard burn.  So in the glow of the red sun of the Mephik system, we rested.


We arrive in the Amedo system.  Here lies the Eye of Ekharan.  The eye is an ancient Portal Builder artifact that maintains a stable orbit around the sun, deep within the star’s corona.  Only specially made ships can even attempt to reach the artifact.  We did manage to get a large amount of good data though.  Our research team seemed pleased.


When we arrived in the Algebar system, we came across another ship moving at a slow pace.  The massive Al Jabbar, was a colony ship, that offered us the chance to dock, shop, and rest.  We decided to  move on through, and hope to meet them again on the path home.


After passing through the Algebar system, we reached the Mellick system.  At this point we said our goodbyes to the Sadachbia, as they continued on to their destination of Dabaran.  We turned our eyes to our destination; Mellick.

Solar storms raged in the system, causing our sensors extreme overload.  The “noise” of the system proving to be too much.  In a brief moment of clarity, we encountered the Orun II, an ice hauler derelict, slowly drifting into the sun.  We prepared to intercede and save the crew of “The Dying Ship”.


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